The effects of vaping on your body

The effects of vaping on your body

While many people think that vaping is a safe alternative to cigarettes, they are wrong. While vaping may not be as harmful as cigarettes, in some ways, vaping still poses serious health risks and does have harmful effects on the body. There are some things that you need to know about the effects of vaping on your body before you pick up your first vape or take another hit from a vape.

Effects on the Lungs

In a recent medical study, the effects of vaping on the lungs were examined. It was shown that vaping leads to inflammation in the lungs and the oxidation of these cells. Another study done by Respiratory Research found that people who used a vape had some damage to their lungs.

Vaping and the Mouth

While vaping may not stain your teeth, it does not mean that it is good for your mouth's health. Research has found that vaping will put you at an increased risk of developing cavities. This is especially true if you like the sweet vape juice. This will lead to a good environment for the growth of bacteria, and this will lead to cavities forming. Vaping can also increase the risk a person has for tooth decay.

Oral Irritation

Based on information from the Tobacco Control vaping journal can lead to irritation of the mouth and the throat. When you inhale the vape, you are inhaling aerosolized propylene glycol and glycerol. This leads to irritation in both the mouth and the throat. It can also cause you to have a dry cough.

Gum disease

Vaping will harm several areas in the mouth, including the gums. In a study that was published in the Oncotarget journal, it was found that vaping leads to inflammation of the gums. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of gum disease. If you have gum disease, there are other oral issues that you will need to deal with. This includes gum recession. Your teeth will also become more sensitive. If you have bad gums, you can even begin to lose some teeth. It will also cause dry mouth as if the other oral problems were not harmful enough.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Based on information from the Current Atherosclerosis Reports, vaping is not good for the heart. The aerosols that you breathe while vaping can harm your heart. Vaping will also increase for risk of developing heart disease, angina, and having a heart attack or stroke. The National Review of Cardiology has stated that vaping is bad for the entire circulatory system.

Exposure to Chemicals

While vaping may produce a byproduct that smells better than smoke, it does not mean that it is safe to vape. When you vape, you are still exposing the body to harmful chemicals. This can have an impact on your heart and lungs.

Increased Heart Rate

Vaping will still give the body a nicotine fix, and this will increase the heart rate, especially over long-term use. The heart rate will stay elevated, and this will lead to an increase in blood pressure. The body will need to work harder to get the blood around the body. Nicotine can stay in the body for up to 8 hours, and during this time, the heart rate will remain elevated.

Vaping and Smoking

Teens and other young adults begin with vaping because they think it is safe and more likely to smoke cigarettes. Once a young person begins to vape, the body will like the nicotine. Over time this will not be enough, and they may pick up a cigarette. Both of these habits are bad for health.

Nicotine Addiction

While vaping may not deliver as much nicotine to the body as smoking, you are still inhaling nicotine when you vape. Based on information from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, inhaling nicotine even from a vape will increase euphoria in the body. This is because it increases dopamine levels in the brain, which brings on the happy feeling for instant gratification. Nicotine is highly addictive and is one of the most addictive chemicals out there. People that vape is still likely to become addicted to nicotine.

Cell Dysfunction

To keep the body healthy, the cells need to be able to grow and repair. Vaping and the aerosols in the vape will lead to acute endothelial cell dysfunction. This means the cells may not produce as quickly and they may become deformed. They will not be able to carry out their functions in the body.

Reduced Brain Development

Vaping can hurt the developing brain. It can harm the cells and the functions of the brain. This can harm teens and young adults that are still developing. The human brain continues to develop into the 20s, so young people are not safe. Some research suggested that if a pregnant woman vapes, she is harming the brain of the developing fetus.

These are some of the impacts that vaping can have on your health. You may think that vaping is not harmful, like cigarettes, but that is not true. Vaping is unsafe and can lead to several health issues on its own. If you feel the need to vape or smoke, you should speak to a medical professional about getting professional help and other ways you can manage stress or oral fixations.