Bio Energy Matters!

This year has been very challenging to all of us. The pandemic has taken its toll in a way that no one could have predicted. 

But, there is something else we can't ignore. 

This year, the effects of global warming have been more noticeable than ever. If you were still on the fence about whether climate change is a thing, now is a great time to come down from it. 

In August of 2020 there was a record-breaking heat wave in California and the West Coast. Temperatures soared over 100 degrees for many days. The strong wind and dry conditions caused more wildfires than ever seen before. 

Satellite images are also showing a massive amount of ice melted on Greenland, Antartica, and the North Pole. People in areas like Bangladesh are reporting every increasing sea levels and have issues to keep their communities from washing away. 

So, I know that Covid-19 is definitely the biggest disaster of our time but let's make sure it stays that way. Because climate change has the potential to become an even bigger disaster. 

Take care!