Peter Jaret

Peter Jaret, M.A. is a freelance writer in Petaluma, Calif. His fiction and nonfiction has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, Hippocrates, National Geographic, and Newsweek. He co-authored the books Nurse: A World of Care and Impact: From the Frontlines of Global Health, and has won the American Medical Association award for journalism.


  • Fateful milestone of the Keeling Curve

    Fateful Milestone of the Keeling Curve

    Ralph Keeling was two and a half years old when his parents took him on a family trip to Mt. Rainier, formed by volcanic explosions more than a million years ago.

  • Keeling's Calibration Star

    The Historic Discovery: Keeling’s Calibration Star

    What exactly did David Keeling discover that made it possible to measure CO2 levels so precisely? As Ralph Keeling explains, the secret was liquid nitrogen.

  • Global Warming 101: Changing hearts & minds

    Global Warming 101: Changing hearts & minds

    Climate change may be the most alarming issue of our times, but almost no one can explain what causes it. Dr. Michael Ranney wants to change that

  • The Promise of Artificial Photosynthesis

    The Promise of Artificial Photosynthesis

    Trees do it. Weeds do it. Even algae in the seas do it. And now scientists are trying to do it – to turn sunlight into fuel through artificial photosynthesis.

  • Hot Spots

    Hot Spots: Bioprospecting for Biofuel’s Mystery Bugs

    As the threat of global climate change intensifies, the astonishing organisms known as extremophiles may help us find practical alternatives to fossil fuels.

  • Jennifer Granholm: Retooling an Embattled Economy Through Clean Technology

    When University of California, Berkeley, graduate Jennifer M. Granholm became the first female governor of Michigan in 2002, the state's manufacturing base was in the midst of an unprecedented economic meltdown. Governor Granholm, 45, helped turn the economy around through "green jobs," and four years later she was re-elected in a landslide, with the largest number of votes ever cast for governor in Michigan.