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Our goal is to help combat climate change through a lively, science-based conversation about renewable energy.  We’ll discuss questions that drive current research into the development of cellulosic (non-food) biofuels and ways to reduce the environmental footprint of oil extraction. We’ll also spotlight scientists and others who are moving the field forward and write about bioenergy in a way that will engage and educate specialists and non-specialists alike.

Diversity of opinion is the lifeblood of meaningful discourse, so we intend to present conflicting ideas where there are evidence-based arguments for different conclusions. We strive to present a global perspective while retaining a focus on the greatest challenges in the industry.




Bioenergy Connection is published by the Energy Biosciences Institute, a partnership of the University of California at Berkeley; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and BP. To help the world transition from fossil fuels to responsible, renewable energy sources, more than 300 EBI researchers are applying advanced knowledge of biological processes to the energy sector.

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Bioenergy Connection welcomes comments on content we publish. While we encourage differing points of view, comments should move the conversation forward constructively. We reserve the right to restrict comments that contain inappropriate content, such as offensive language, verbal abuse, insensitivity, etc.


We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions for future issues. We can be reached at bioenergyconnection@berkeley.edu. If you would like to receive future issues of this magazine, please subscribe.